Conscious Pregnancy &
Birthing Yoga Teacher Training

Join Jennifer and guest teachers for a comprehensive and holistic prenatal yoga teacher training, during which we will explore the precious time of the child birthing years. Not only will you deepen your knowledge of pregnancy, labor and birth, you’ll also learn techniques for on and off the yoga mat to support women through the myriad of transitions that occur before, during, and after birth. Becoming a prenatal yoga instructor means to contribute to the magic of bringing beings into this world – an incredibly important and rewarding task!

This training is geared towards certified 200-hour Yoga Teachers who wish to lead prenatal yoga classes in their communities. Participation is also available for non-certified yoga teachers who wish to broaden their experience and knowledge to supplement their existing practice of working with pregnant women (such as doctors/midwives/nurses/doulas/childbirth educators, etc.) Extra practicum time will be required for non-certified yoga teachers to enhance their teaching capabilities.

Topics covered:

  • The benefits of yoga for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
  • The essentials of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work), meditations &
  • visualizations as well as vocal toning for the Mama-to-be
  • Sequencing a healthy prenatal yoga practice for all levels (including beginners and the experienced yogi)
  • The do’s and don’ts of the different trimesters
  • Usage of props for all trimesters
  • The 4th trimester
  • Hands-on assisting skills for the Asana practice
  • Contraindications for practice
  • Postures to aid common discomforts of pregnancy
  • Partner yoga and massage techniques
  • Postures & movement for labor preparation and for labor
  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
  • Fetal development & physiology of childbirth
  • Medical and holistic models of care
  • Nutrition and natural remedies for pregnancy and beyond
  • Birth choices and empowered birth plans
  • Creating community as a leader and resource of prenatal & perinatal educator

During the training you will:

  • lead prenatal yoga classes
  • participate in lectures
  • fulfill reading & written assignments
  • view movie screenings
  • join Q&A sessions with the staff
  • complete a quiz, a final exam and a final practicum evaluation

** given full participation, everyone will be supported and prepared for all assignments

  • Post-program requirements include reading assignments, attending prenatal yoga classes for observation & documentation, and one follow-up Skype consultation with the staff for review & any Q&A from the trainee.
  • To be considered for certification, you must participate in all training hours & homework assignments, Skype call and currently be a certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher.
  • A certificate of completion will be given to other providers/non-certified yoga teachers.

Jennifer Yarro is the owner and director of Frog Lotus Yoga and is the founder of the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage. Jennifer now travels internationally to teach and certify when not at her home-base of Frog Lotus Yoga in the Berkshires of the USA.

Jennifer is an active grassroots promoter of conscious conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, supporting both single mothers and partners in this special time of life. She is thrilled to train other teachers to help spread this information as pioneers in their communities. Jennifer brings years of combined experience as an international Yoga Teacher Trainer for both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, at the 200 & 300 hour level, with years of practice as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Massage Therapist, as well as her personal experiences of being a new mother. Jennifer passionately shares her wisdom with the hopes of ushering in new generations and families with the care, respect, tools, and empowerment that they deserve to create their informed experience and participation in the Circle of Life!

Accommodation and Meals

Are not provided for this training. However, visiting students will be supported with contacts for local affordable rentals available through local FLY students, hotels, B&B's, and campsite information. If there is enough interest amongst the trainees, we can hire catering for lunch and/or lunch & dinner at an additional cost. Applicants will be forwarded this information. You may also send a request for this information to Jennifer:

Additional Trainings and Workshops:

Frog Lotus Yoga also offers continual training and certification in specialized modes of instruction such as prenatal, restorative, Thai Yoga Massage, AcroYoga, and much more. These are often scheduled around the Yoga Teacher Trainings for those who are interested. Please review the website for more events.

How to Get To Frog Lotus Yoga Studio

The nearest airport and train station is in Albany, New York. From Albany you can take a yellow cab to North Adams. The cab ride is about one hour and 15 minutes. It costs approximately $125 but you may be able to coordinate with other students and share a cab. The nearest bus stop is in Williamstown, MA located just 10 minutes from the studio. There is plenty of parking if you bring your own car. We can also email more detailed info regarding directions and buses upon request.

Investment: $1400 with required $200 deposit

* The cost covers tuition fee, certification, follow-up Skype call and mentoring.

Space will be limited to create an intimate learning environment. Recommendation to register early!

Have Questions?

Please contact the studio by email,, or call us at +1 774-257-5111.


 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

 Frog Lotus Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


The training was fabulous! I loved the schedule, all the anatomy, the hands-on assisting, the group activities, the progression of the three weeks . . . what a wonderful place and group! I feel totally prepared to teach and so grateful for this little bubble of peaceful, powerful yogis. We were in such good hands! I trust Jennifer completely and have learned so much. Jennifer is a Goddess; she really held the space for us. Morning practice was consistently awesome. Having the new voices of adjunct teachers was really refreshing and balancing. They were incredible - so compassionate and genuine and open. I feel more equipped to live a healthy, abundant life after this experience. And, I can't wait to start teaching!

—Shannon B.

The program is well organized and will lead you steadily the path of teaching and sharing yoga with others. Jennifer and the other teachers are warm and go above and beyond to create a welcoming community environment. The other participants became like family and now I have friendships scattered around the globe. It would highly recommend this experience for anyone seeking to deepen their on practice, knowledge, and yoga community!

—Lauren V.

Jennifer Yarro is a wise, dedicated, and patient teacher. Her knowledge of yoga asana, theory, and philosophy is immense and is only rivaled by the compassion and playfulness with which she passes it on to her students in her teacher trainings. Learning in any capacity from Jennifer is a privilege and a blessing.

—Ben V.

I cannot recommend Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training enough! In three weeks, the staff managed to turn me into a confident teacher! I came here more for my personal practice but now after the training, I cannot wait to go home and share! The teaching staff is amazing and have so much knowledge. I was constantly and all of them and all they shared with us. Thank you Jennifer & Frog Lotus Yoga!

—Ariel H.

Jennifer Yarro is one of those rare teachers that offers a unique balance of strong challenge and genuine support for her students. She has extensive knowledge of biomechanics, alignment, and uses a variety of healing arts to supplement her yoga teaching. Through her support and training, I have been able to elevate my teaching to a new level.

—Michael F.

The FLY training has power, has heart, and has compassion. You will come away from this training with a solid foundation in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, anatomy...more importantly how each pose addresses/heals the body, and a clear understanding of how to intelligently sequence a class. In my travels with the non-profit I work with, I have met hundreds of yoga teachers. In my opinion many of them could have benefited from a FLY training with Jennifer Yarro and her staff. YOU WILL get your monies worth and a whole lot more with this training. This training is a fantastic, life-changing experience!

—Chris E.

I feel like I made an excellent choice for my teacher training. The teaching of the poses was excellent - Jennifer has a special gift for teaching. She is very attentive and accommodating, yet she remains objective. I learned so many techniques and secrets to help help me better my practice. There are so many different trainings being offered all over the world, and this training was the best one for me. There is so much emphasis on correct alignment and safety. Thank you Jennifer and Frog Lotus Yoga!

—Janet F.

I took my 200hr Intensive Yoga Teacher training with Jennifer Yarro of Frog Lotus Yoga in 2012. I absolutely loved the experience! The curriculum was extensive and thorough and I felt I was continually learning so much each day. In fact I learned more about Yoga during our training than I had ever expected. From the theory and traditional history of yoga, to anatomy, postures and everything in between, I came away feeling confident and ready to teach. Jennifer’s teaching style is strong and graceful, her patience and wisdom are a natural extension and you just know you are being guided by a teacher who really cares!

—Heather H

I began my training at Frog Lotus in 2010. Inspired by many years of practice, I was driven to share my passion for yoga with anyone interested. It was a beautiful journey. Training was intense and mind opening. I found myself enjoying every moment on the mat, sharing a unique bind with people who became life long friends. Jennifer Yarro is a gentle spirit who puts her whole heart and soul into her practice. Learning from her was an experience I will always cherish.

—Sherry Z.

The Frog Lotus Yoga 200 hour teacher training program is one of the best experiences I've had! I feel more than prepared to go out and teach. However, this program is even more than just a teacher training. I got to meet such amazing teachers and fellow students and really built some strong relationships while here in Bali! I recommend Frog Lotus Yoga to anyone considering a program even if it's just to develop your own personal practice.

—Trang H.

This training was one of the best, if not the best, experience of my life. I feel that I have more than enough knowledge and skills to succeed. Everyone should go to Frog Lotus Yoga teacher training! I am truly privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Jennifer. Her loving patience and perseverance pulls us all together. She really holds the space for our sacred circle and touches people on a level that not many can. I am so grateful. The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting. I know I am a better, happier person because of this amazing experience.

—Rachel W.

This training allows the space for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to develop and emerge. If someone wants a life-changing experience, this is the place. Jennifer is very knowledgeable. She is supportive and nurturing, yet was able to hold us accountable. I respect Jennifer as a teacher and as an aware human being. All the teachers were really supportive of the trainees' endeavors here. Thank you thank you thank you!

—Lesha B.

The teacher training with Frog Lotus and Jennifer Yarro not only changed my practice but also rooted me in a confident, competent place to share the gift with others. There are many teacher trainings available, but none with the well-roundedness or heart and soul of the Frog Lotus experience. So much expertise was bestowed on me for the money.

—Patricia M.

Jennifer is an amazing yoga instructor with many years of experience; you will notice it the minute you walk in to her class. Every class of the training was dynamic, fun and I learned a lot about how my body works. Jennifer will walk you step by step thru the asanas with clear and very specific instructions and will always show modifications making the class appropriate for every level. I definitely recommend Frog Lotus Yoga to all my friends!

—Mirtha Q.

The training was so amazing. There was so much love and intention that went into it all. It exceeded any expectations and such a nice atmosphere was created here. Jennifer is a great teacher with the right attitude, right amount of compassion and presence, and a disciplined focus. So much valuable wisdom and knowledge was passed down, thank you! The staff was great! Everyone is friendly and warm. The food was tasty, nourishing, beautiful, thoughtfully prepared, fresh, balanced, and absolutely delicious. Overall, so so awesome!

—Tessa J.
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